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Denzel's Pure Paleo Bites 100g


Pure Paleo Bites are orange, almonds and duck in soft 'n' squishy bite-size training dog treats.


Denzel's make sure that treat time is never boring!

  • Product Information



    These treats are packed with natural ingredients such as linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds to make the ultimate paleo chew for your dog. The Paleo diet is based on foods eaten in Paleolithic times. Consisting of unprocessed, whole foods with no refined sugar, your dog will get a steady release of energy from dawn to dusk.


    Hand-baked in the UK in carbon-neutral woodchip ovens, Denzel's Pure Paleo Bites are healthy and tasty for training or treats on-the-go.


    They have low sugar and nothing artificial, using fresh wonky fruit from their local suppliers that would have otherwise gone to waste.


    Approximately 110 low calorie bites per pouch.


    Denzel's want to make a positive impact on the planet with their biodegradable and compostable pouches, made from paper and wood pulp grown in sustainable forests. The resealable pouches keep treats fresh until they are thrown away to naturally break down in 30 weeks.

  • Nutrition and Analysis

    Composition: chickpea flour, duck (18%), sweet potato, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, linseed, almonds (0.5%), sunflower seeds, orange oil, sesame seeds, turmeric.


    Analytical Constituents: crude protein 20.1%, crude oils & fats 13.4%, crude fibre 2.2%, crude ash 5.3%, moisture 18%, 283 Kcal/100g.  


    Feeding Guide: Suitable for all dogs and puppies over 16 weeks.


    This is a complementary food for dogs only, to be fed as a treat or reward and do not overfeed.


    Store in a cool, dry place (away from your pup).


    Keep your dog's water bowl topped up regularly.

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