Accessory Instructions

How To Attach To A Collar:


Note: These instructions apply to all HwH accessories and they can attach to leads and harness straps too.


Undo the accessory by removing the Velcro tab from both ends of the strap.

If needed, keep the tab as an extender to fit bigger collars or other large straps.


Position the accessory with the rough side of the Velcro against the front of the collar.


Fold one end of the Velcro strap under the collar and hold in place.


Next, fold the other Velcro end to the back of the collar and press the two Velcro ends together to secure.

For small collars, continue folding the strap around as desired.


Alternatively, if there is too much strap to tuck away, you can cut off the excess with a sharp pair of scissors.

Finally, adjust the tightness of fit to your collar, lead or harness size and the position of the accessory to your liking.

Care Instructions


The Velcro strap will be stiff when new, but will soften with use. 

When removing the accessory from the Velcro strap, make sure to open the loop wide and thread the Velcro through carefully to avoid damage to the felt.


Make sure the soft side of the Velcro is facing the front when looking at the accessory (this keeps the soft Velcro against the dog's neck). 


Spot clean with a damp cloth and use a lint roller to remove dog hairs and to keep the accessory looking fresh.