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The Home with Hounds Story

Our story starts with two fluffy dogs. 

One giant boy plodded into our lives in 2013, from a farm in Yorkshire. Toby, a mischievous Bernese Mountain Dog puppy with grumpy eyebrows, was a handful as our first dog. However, he grew fast into a mellow, bundle of love who is all heart.

Home with Hounds | Sheepadoodle | Puppy

When we decided to get a second dog, our love of hairy dogs is not shared by our hoover, so we compromised with an Old English Sheepdog X Mini Poodle. Penny is a sweet energetic girl, who never leaves your side.

Home with Hounds | Bernese Mountain Dog | Puppy

At first Toby seemed to wonder when this pestering puppy was going to leave. He likes his space, and she had no boundaries. Over time, toleration has turned to genuine friendship. They never get tired of playing and chasing in gardens, forests and fields and never leave each other behind. Penny has brought out a youthfulness in Toby that is a joy to see.

This adorable pair shake off rain and tread muddy paw prints on the carpet, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. They have made our house a home.

They are the inspiration behind a business that is dedicated to the love of everything dog.

Home with Hounds | Bernese Mountain Dog and Sheepadoodle | Beach

Home with Hounds supplies for dogs of all sizes and breeds. We believe that dogs enrich the lives of so many families with their loving nature and boundless enthusiasm. Our aim is to make them as happy as they make us.

We, like most dog owners, want the best for our dogs and therefore have focussed on selecting brands for their specific benefits. Treats with high nutritional value, toys that enrich and encourage good behaviour, and other key products that promote premium care for our canine companions.

We also supply a range of handmade toys and accessories that attach to collars, leads and harnesses so that when the dogs feel their best, they can look their most adorable too. These products are made with the love and care that all dogs deserve. We also have more ideas in development, and we are excited to grow in the future. Thank you to all dog owners and the beloved hounds in your home for supporting our small business.

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