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Meet the Team

Everyone at Home with Hounds gets their paws dirty to make sure every product is the best variety and quality. Currently two dogs are on the team who both love toys and treats and avidly test out the benefits for our customers.

Home with Hounds | Bernese Mountain Dog | Dog Treats

Head of Treat Tasting

Motivated by food, there is nothing he won’t eat.

Name: Toby

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Born: 2013

Favourite Food: Will eat anything but banana is a firm favourite

Favourite Activities: Leaning on people, meeting other dogs, shredding tissues and paper

Dislikes: Cars driving past the house and anything that beeps

Naughty Habits: Eating unattended food, sneaking off on walks to find and eat horse poo

Home with Hounds | Sheepadoodle | Dog Toys

Head of Toy Testing

Chewing, tug of war, fetching; all toys are her game.

Name: Penny

Breed: Mini Sheepadoodle

(Old English Sheepdog X Mini Poodle)

Born: 2017

Favourite Food: Any meat

Favourite Activities: Playing fetch and tug of war, cuddling and chasing her tail 

Dislikes: Fruit and rain

Naughty habits: Barking at will, hiding and/or burying toys in the bushes

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