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Muffin Tray Game

You will need:

1 x muffin tray

Multiple tennis balls

Small treats

Beginner Level

  • Place treats into random cups of the muffin tray.

  • Cover the treats with as many tennis balls as you like.

  • Allow your dog to hunt out the treats.


Intermediate Level

  • Place more tennis balls than treats into the tray to encourage dogs to sniff out exactly where the treats are.


Advanced Level

(requires ‘fetch’ and ‘drop’ type commands)

  • Place the empty muffin tray on the floor near to you.

  • Scatter tennis balls around the floor and ask the dog to fetch a ball. If they need encouragement to fetch, throw one ball at a time.

  • When the dog brings the ball back and their mouth is over the tray, ask them to drop.

  • When the ball hits the tray or falls into the cup, treat your dog.

  • See how many balls they can return to the tray.

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