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Beeztees Puppy Pull Rope Safe Tug Toy

Beeztees Puppy Pull Rope Safe Tug Toy


Tugging rope toy with silicone hand protector. Play with your puppy safely and in comfort.


Beeztees have made it their mission to make the lives of pets and their owners as nice and pleasant as possible.

  • Product Information



    The Beeztees Puppy Pull Rope is a great addition to a puppy's toy box, as it is fun for tug of war games and keeps you and your family safe from their tiny teeth.


    It has been designed with a green flexible protective cover that slides over any hand size, which means adults and children can play with excitable puppies, without accidental bites or nips on the hand.

  • Product Details

    Size: 50cm length rope.


    The silicone cover has an opening of 10cm and is 9cm deep.


    A toy designed for puppies, but take care that dogs do not bite off and eat any parts of the toy.


    No toy is indestructible.


    Stop using the toy if it becomes damaged.

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