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Beeztees Puppy Rubber Dental Bone Chew Toy Green

Beeztees Puppy Rubber Dental Bone Chew Toy Green


Puppy dental chew bone. Made from rubber with ridges to clean and strengthen puppy teeth and jaws.


Beeztees have made it their mission to make the lives of pets and their owners as nice and pleasant as possible.

  • Product Information



    Small vanilla scented bone toy that puppies will love to chew on.


    Having good chew toys helps to reduce boredom chewing while helping your puppies' teeth and jaw to grow and develop.


    The raised rubber ridges help keep teeth clean by preventing the build up of tartar and plaque while massaging your puppy's gums as they chew.


    This helps satisfy their urge to chew by easing the pain as their teeth change.

  • Product Details

    Size: 9.5cm x 5.2cm x 1.8cm.


    Colours: green and white.


    Take care while your puppy is playing that they do not bite off and eat any parts of the toy.


    Stop using the toy if it becomes damaged.


    Puppy toy, not suitable for children.

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