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Foaber Bump Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy - Green

Foaber Bump Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy - Green


Green bump ball made of foam and rubber. Treat release and fun retrieval and enrichment dog toy.


Bouncy, durable, lightweight toy that is kind on dog and puppy teeth. 

  • Product Information



    The Foaber Bump is a distinctive design loved by dogs and puppies of all ages. The hollow centre for treat release and unique shape and texture give a highly erractic rebound, which helps improve motor skills and challenge your pet intellectually.


    Treat release toys can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treat or kibble biscuits for encouraging mental stimulation for your dog during treat time and play.


    Treat dispenser dog toys engage their natural instinct of food foraging. Just fill up the Foaber Bump and it's ready to go!


    The Foaber Bump is made from foaber cell technology, which is a hybrid of foam and rubber. This scientifically developed combination has resulted in a dog toy which is soft and supple to be kind on teeth and soothing to gums, as well as a sturdy and durable end product; tough enough to withstand interactive play.


    The Foaber Bump is a strong, lightweight dog toy that floats on water and has a high bounce for added fun for your pooch's playtime. 


    The green colour means they are great ball toys for playing fetch. 

    By using one of the clearest colours for dogs to see, this range not only creates a stimulating toy to capture visual attention but also ensures high visibility, which is paramount to outdoor play.

    When the ball is thrown over long distance, the dog can easily follow the movement of the toy – a benefit to both owner and pet.

  • Product Details

    Size: 7 x 7cm.


    Colour: Green.


    Please remove all packaging before giving to your pet. 


    This toy is strong but as with any product it is not indestructible and not designed for repetitive chewing.


    If this product becomes ripped or damaged, please remove from your pet immediately.

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