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Goodchaps Tricks and Trivia Dog Card Game

Goodchaps Tricks and Trivia Dog Card Game


Card game for humans and their hounds. Tin containing 51 playing cards.


Goodchap’s are a family run, eco-friendly dog company based in Somerset. They create natural, healthy, eco friendly and plastic free treats, toys and gifts for humans and hounds!

  • Product Information



    Goodchap's Tricks and Trivia Card Game is the original dog friendly card game that both you and your dog can play.


    Compete against others with tricks and trivia to see which human and hound have the strongest bond. Great fun as your dog can play too!


    Handmade in Britain, each pack contains 51 playing cards divided into:

    18 x TRICKS – Test yourself and your dog in trick based challenges.

    12 x TRUTH – Reveal the true nature of your relationship with your dog.

    15 x TRIVIA – 45 dog themed questions to test your canine knowledge.

    6 x BONUS – Switch, Ditch and Spin the game in your favour + 3 instruction cards.


    Included in the tin is a code for FREE TRAINING TREATS redeemable on the Goodchap's website. 

    The code offers 1 free 200g pack of training treats per customer with their next order online, details on how to claim your free treats can be found inside the game when received. T&Cs apply.

  • Product Details

    Size: 11cm x 8cm x 2.3cm.


    Suitable for: 

    2 - 4 humans

    1 - 4 hounds

    Ages 10+


    CAUTION: This is a 100% positive game, no negative training techniques are to be used.

    Dogs must resign if under any stress or discomfort, no dogs are to be overworked. No physical force is to be used on dogs.


    WARNING: A responsible adult must always be present while playing, not suitable for children under 36 months, small parts.

    Choking hazard.

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