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Green & Wild's Easy Antler Dog Chew - Medium

Green & Wild's Easy Antler Dog Chew - Medium


Medium 'easy' antlers for lazy chewers. Long-lasting natural chew for young puppies and older dogs.


Split in half, easy antler chews are gentler on dog's teeth.


Green and Wild's believe in responsibly sourcing traceable and sustainable antler chews for dogs.

  • Product Information



    These premium range Grade A antlers are naturally shed from free ranging deer. No deer are ever harmed.


    Easy antler dog chews are hand cut lengthways to expose the nutritious inner marrow. Dogs can then enjoy the tasty part without too much hard work.


    They are still long-lasting, but are best for dogs who are not strong chewers.


    They are healthy, unprocessed, nutritious and durable. These low odour chews are clean too, and leave no stains.


    Antlers have unique benefits, as they:

    • are high in natural minerals and nutrients.
    • help to improve circulation and metabolism, reducing cholesterol. 
    • strengthen bone structure, muscles and joints.
    • maintain healthy cells and aid the immune system.
    • help prevent inflammation from arthritic conditions.


    Free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives, they are simply natural teeth cleaners.


    Many being sourced from the highlands of Scotland, the antlers are hand washed in pure water, hand cut and sanded to smooth all the edges. Every chew is checked for quality and labelled at the Green and Wild's facility in the UK.

  • Nutrition and Analysis

    Size: Medium Easy Antlers = 51g - 80g.


    Also available in small and large sizes.


    Please remember not all antlers are the same and they will vary in size and shape.


    Analytical Constituents: ash 50%, protein 40%, moisture 10.6%, fat 0.4%, calcium 21g/10g, phosphorous 10g/100g, magnesium 26mg/100g, iron 998ppm, sodium 0.4%, potassium 0.02%.


    Your dog should be supervised whilst using their antler dog chew.


    Make sure the chew is big enough for your dog and take it away if it becomes a choking hazard.


    Please ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water.

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