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Home with Hounds Dog Fleece Tug Toy Carnival - Large


Large knotted fleece rope; a classic dog tug toy.


Handmade by the Home with Hounds team. Designed to entertain playful dogs and puppies.

  • Product Information



    The HwH Dog Fleece Tug Toy is gentle on dog’s teeth and gums, and at the same time, it is knotted for strength to withhold hours of interactive play.


    The Carnival tug toy is made up of four colours of fleece: Grape Purple, Mustard Yellow, Mint Green, and Coral Pink.


    The fleece is high quality anti-pill fleece that is hand woven to make the knotted rope flexible yet robust.


    It is designed for tugging, fetching and retrieving. It is ideal for tug of war play between owners and their dogs or between two dogs. The HwH dogs regularly play with these tug rope toys as part of our enrichment routine.


    Reasons to have fleece tug toys for your dogs and puppies:

    • Playing tug of war is a great way to bond with your pooch.
    • Tugging, fetching and retrieving toys give both physical and mental stimulation, to reduce boredom.
    • Tug toys are an easy way to reinforce obedience basics.
    • They are helpful to build your dog’s confidence, especially if you let them win.
    • Plus, tug toys help impulse control and can redirect dogs who are prone to destructive chewing.
  • Product Details

    Size: Large Tug Toy = approx. length of 70cm.

    Approx. width of 2.5cm.


    Best suited for medium and large dogs, or puppies of larger breeds.


    Also available in a small size and nautical colours.


    As the toy is handmade, please allow for small variations in size.


    Care Instructions: Machine washable at 30◦C and leave to air dry.


    All dogs of any age can play with this product, but no toys are indestructible.


    Dogs and puppies should be supervised at all times while playing with or chewing this toy.


    Please check the item regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Please note, the end tassels and label may tear off, but the knots will withstand much longer.


    Ensure to remove any parts that become a choking hazard.

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