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Home with Hounds Tug 'n' Treat Blue Ball Frame & Fleece Rope Dog Toy


Large interactive tug toy. Made from knotted fleece rope, attached to a blue ball frame that has spaces to hide treats!


The fleece rope is handmade by the Home with Hounds team. Designed to entertain playful dogs and puppies.

  • Product Information



    The HwH Tug 'n' Treat Blue Ball Frame Dog Toy is gentle on dog’s teeth and gums, whilst being knotted for strength. It can withhold hours of interactive play with your dog.


    Knotted tug rope made from fleece is woven onto a blue ball frame, which is made from a tough, durable hybrid of rubber and foam.


    The ball frame is light blue, and the fleece colours are: White, Grey, Teal and Aqua.


    The fleece is high quality anti-pill fleece that is hand woven to make the knotted rope toy flexible yet robust.


    The Tug 'n' Treat Blue Ball Frame Dog Toy is super versatile with added benefits:

    • The ball frame is grooved, helping to clean dog's teeth as they chew and play.
    • The frame can also be a comfortable handle for you in tug of war games, putting less strain on your hands.
    • The ball frame is lightweight and durable.
    • It bounces and floats on water for added fun.


    Clever ways to play with the Tug 'n' Treat Blue Ball Frame Dog Toy:

    • Throw it like a dart for fetch and retrieval play - the shape and weight of the ball frame really help it fly.
    • Add small treats or even dog's toothpaste into the grooves in the frame for interactive play.
    • Fill the frame with scraps of fabric and hidden treats - a fun game to watch your dog sniff out their favourite snacks.
    • Play with one dog, or let two dogs play with the toy. The best grip for a person is by holding the ball frame.

    Designed for versatility, it is an excellent addition to your dog's toy collection.

  • Product Details

    Size: Approx. total length= 40cm. The blue ball frame is 10cm of the total length.


    Approx. width of fleece rope= 3cm.


    The Tug 'n' Treat Blue Ball Frame Dog Toy is best suited for medium and large dogs or puppies of larger breeds with the thickness of the fleece rope.


    As the toy is handmade, please allow for small variations in size.


    See Home with Hounds Pink Tri-star and Green Tugger toys for varieties of Tug 'n' Treat Toys, designed for small and medium breeds of dogs and puppies.


    Care Instructions: Handwashing is recommended and leave to air dry.


    All dogs of any age can play with this product, but no toys are indestructible.


    Dogs and puppies should be supervised at all times while playing with or chewing this toy.


    Please check the item regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Please note, the end tassels and label may tear off, but the knots will withstand much longer.


    Ensure to remove any parts that become a choking hazard.

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