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Just Chillin' Super Absorbent Cooling Dog Towel

Just Chillin' Super Absorbent Cooling Dog Towel


Cooling dog towel that is a safe way to help combat overheating during hot days and long walks.


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  • Product Information



    Just Chillin' Dog Cooling Towels are a great way to help keep dogs and puppies cool in the summer or when they are warm after exercise.


    As dog's can't sweat, they pant to control their temperature. The hotter they get, the harder they have to work to cool themselves down. Sometimes they need extra help from us to help regulate their temperature.


    The cooling towel is easy to activate. Simply submerge the towel in cold water for around 1 minute. Wring out excess water and it's ready to use.


    The unique material has a special surface that allows liquid through to the highly absorbent inner. The towel retains moisture for hours with no need for refrigeration. 


    Each towel comes with a reusable plastic tube. Before going on a long walk: activate the towel, place it back in the tube, and throw it into your bag to use when you need it later.

  • Product Details

    Towel size= 66 x 43 cm.


    Please remove all packaging before giving to your pet.


    Do not leave puppies or dogs that are inclined to chew unattended with this product.


    This product is not a child's toy. Keep out of reach of young children as may contain small parts which could present a choking hazard.


    Check regularly for signs of wear and remove immediately if damaged.


    Hand wash only.


    Warning: keep away from fire.

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