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PetDreamHouse PAW Dog Treat Slow Lick Pad - Orange

PetDreamHouse PAW Dog Treat Slow Lick Pad - Orange


Orange interactive slow feeder. Treat lick mat with suction cups on the back. Use for enrichment and reducing stress for dogs and puppies.


PetDreamHouse create fun and distinctive products that make sense to pets.

  • Product Information



    The PAW slow lick pad is a fun, unique and easy feeding pad that allows both wet and dry foods to be smeared on its textured silicone surface to encourage active licking.


    Licking stimulates saliva production and improves digestive health. In addition, licking releases endorphins in dogs, reducing anxiety, making them feel calmer and more relaxed.


    With three suction cups on the back, the pad is held firmly in place with no tipping over. This also discourages dogs from chewing the pad, they can focus solely on eating their delicious treats.


    The lick pad is perfect for sticky treats and becomes a great distraction activity. The suction cups mean you can stick it to a variety of surfaces like windows, fridge doors, walls or bathtubs. Dogs are sure to be entertained, making grooming a breeze!

  • Product Details

    Size= 23cm x 14cm x 1.6cm.


    Capacity= up to 100g.


    Colour= Orange.

    (also available in green, blue, baby pink and baby blue)


    Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe (top rack only).


    Made from human standard food-grade materials and durable TPE rubber, it is:

    • BPA free.
    • PVC free.


    Made under ISO 9001:2015 standards.


    This is not a chew toy.


    Recommended use under supervision.

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