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At Home with Hounds, we offer FREE UK delivery over £39.99 plus a FREE treat gift with every purchase.

Natural long-lasting chews & treats. Fun, interactive toys to reduce boredom. Eco friendly toys, treats and accessories. Handmade toys and collar accessories. Unique gift boxes & more for all four-legged friends. We stock carefully selected, premium products for dogs and puppies. 

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Puppy Toys & Treats

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Our eco range includes treats with plastic-free packaging, dog toys made from recycled and sustainable materials, biodegradable dog poo bags and wipes, plus more. 

Boredom buster toys for dogs and puppies. Toys that dispense treats during play and interactive toys for hiding treats inside for pups to sniff out. Plus our handmade toys make playtime with your pooch even more fun!

Puppy related products chosen for the new furry additions to the family. Innovative toys, treats and accessories designed to entertain and care for puppies.

Handmade fleece tug toys for dogs and puppies. Detachable accessories that attach to dog collars, leads or harnesses, with flowers, bows and bow ties. All made by the Home with Hounds team.

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